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Media Diary Day 7: What I’ve Learned

Posted by clocke22 on October 2, 2010

Today I pretty much watched movies and surfed the web/did homework ALL day.  I watched a Parker Posey movie called “Broken English” that I loved, and “Moll Flanders” that I had never seen even though it came out in 1995.  It was good too.  I also watched the Italian version of “Swept Away”; I actually liked the Madonna version that came out a few years ago.  The Italian version had better acting but the storyline made me uncomfortable because although the rich lady and the boat hand fell in love on a deserted island, it was not until after they hit each other a lot and called each other names…and he still hit her and called her names after they were supposed to be in love and she didn’t seem to mind.  It made me mad.  I also looked up a song online that I heard during the movie “Mammoth” which I also had on today, it was by Cat Power.  I have sort of heard of her but didn’t really know what she sang.  Turns out I loved her music and downloaded an album from iTunes.  I also sent/received a few text messages and talked to my aunt on the phone to wish her a happy birthday.

What did I learn this week?  Well, for starters, I do not have a future as a Trappist monk because I am definitely not comfortable with silence.  Not that I talk a lot per say, but I definitely don’t like silence.  From the time I get up until I got to bed (and until my “relaxation” CD ends while I am already asleep) I am listening to some kind of noise.  It helps relax me but I also wonder if it might be a good idea to just have some silence once in awhile, for self-reflection and all that good stuff.

Also, I rely on an Internet connection virtually all day – at work to check my email and do research; at home to watch TV/movies, look up random things that I could probably live without knowing, check Facebook, and so on.  And in the transitional moments where I am not in reach of my computer I am probably checking my phone for email/news.  It is not that I am waiting on or expecting particularly important emails or Facebook comments.  I think it is more a matter of that “instant gratification” that comes when an unread email is in my inbox or there is a news story I haven’t read yet.  I have a lot of trouble staying focused and the Internet has definitely not helped that problem!  I think the Internet has taken away a lot of the quiet time we as people in general might have once had.  Now there are 24-hour opportunities for visual and intellectual stimulation and as human beings it is hard to resist.  But maybe we should, and instead get some sun, call another person on the phone, etc.  One final thing I noticed was that I rarely talk on the phone, definitely not the minutes I pay for, which is still the minimum plan.  I might consider a way I could cut out that $75/month bill but still retain the ability to talk on the phone.  Maybe a pay as you go phone or skype…but I will probably have to wait until the job search is over so I don’t miss any calls.


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  1. I wrote on Sadie’s blog about taking time for silence and self-reflection; another part of it involves recent research from neuroscience. Researchers are finding visible benefits in the human brain (visible via MRIs) from meditation. So that makes me think we all need to unplug more often!

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