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Media Diary Day 4: Dear Committee Members

Posted by clocke22 on September 29, 2010

Today began, like most days with the local radio station (via a “boombox” CD/cassette/radio combo that I can’t part with) while I got ready.  Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it in my previous entries, but I use my cell phone as my alarm clock.  Sometimes I set my ringtone to a popular song that I downloads, so I suppose that would count as media consumption.  I am not “in” to ringtones as much as many people are, so I only have two options: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga and the Pina Colada Song.  I should probably expand my horizons!  The Pina Colada Song was only my regular ringtone for a very short period of time because, well, it was embarassing.  But I love the song nonetheless.  I also think they should make a (Lifetime) movie based on it.

On the way to work/school, I listened to the radio in the car.  Once at work, I checked my mail and spent about an hour preparing and printing cover letters, CVs and mailing envelopes for the 9 or so positions I am applying for that don’t accept electronic applications.  Then I went to my A.M. class, where we viewed a PPT and listened to a lecture.  During my break, I continued prepping my applications. I also checked my email again.  I copied links from my Google Alerts to my work Facebook page.   Someone was mistenly remote connected to my computer so I had to use a different one.  Not a big deal except that it does not have Flash or the latest version and I can’t download it without an administrator login, so I could not listen to Internet radio (I tried several but they all required Flash) and this drove me crazy.  It was way too quiet.

During my New Media class, we looked at some websites and watched some Youtube clips during class.  I checked my email on my phone while walking to the parking lot.  I listened to the radio in the car.  When I got home, I turned on Roswell (via my Wii/instant Netflix) and left that on for the evening.  My main activity was to apply online for the rest of the jobs.  In total I applied for almost 40 jobs today!!  It was very tedious.  When I was done, I posted my three weekly comments for this course.  I had hoped to do other homework/personal online tasks this evening, but those job applications were very time consuming so I don’t think that is going to happen.  While I am falling asleep, I also usually put  on an instrumental or relaxation CD.  I used to have to fall asleep to the TV but broke that habit when I turned off the cable.  I also had a noise machine but it broke so I use the CDs.


One Response to “Media Diary Day 4: Dear Committee Members”

  1. So you did not check your e-mail before you left the house … probably b/c you knew you could check it as soon as you arrived at work, yes?

    Job hunting is the most tedious task in the world, I think.

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