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Media Diary Day 3: Organizing with the Aliens

Posted by clocke22 on September 28, 2010

The main reasons I watch Roswell

I turned on the radio this morning to provide some background noise (and some involuntary celebrity gossip) while I got ready and had breakfast.  Then I listened to more radio on the way to schoool.

While walking from the parking lot to Weimer, I checked my email on my phone.  Once I got to my office at work, I turned on the computer and turned on Itunes radio (80s/90s hits…as usual).  Then I checked my email.  Next I finished transferring my paper calendar information to my Hotmail calendar and played with the different features on it.  It was…okay.  I may have wasted time switching everything over, but the email/text alerts for appointments are nice and now that I am using the photos, documents, email and calendar tools on Hotmail it is more of a “one stop shop” which appeals to me.

I took a break to look up a plane ticket price to DC later in October.  I didn’t buy one yet.  I have a bad habit of looking up the same flight about 40 times and end up getting the first one I found.  I also looked up the Gator football schedule online while filling in my calendar.  Then I turned to more dissertation planning/scheduling and work.

After lunch, I read a photocopied article and some book chapters for my afternoon oral history seminar.  During class, we watched a photo slideshow from our professor’s trip last week to the Mississippi Delta to gather oral histories about Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement.  During the break, I checked my email on my phone.  After class, I yet again checked my email on my phone while walking to my car (I seriously hope I never fall into a manhole because of this bad habit) and also looked up the news on CNN mobile.  I listened to the radio on the way home.

Once home, I downloaded some of the Couch to 5K podcasts I looked up yesterday and transferred them to my mp3 player.  Then I actually finished the first one.  It went by pretty fast.

I turned on the TV, Wii and started up Nextflix after working out.  I turned on the TV show Roswell while making dinner.  It stayed on from about 8pm until the present (will be done in a few) while I did lots of other kind of boring things.  I finished figuring out how I am going to finish all my papers and projects this semester.  I checked my email.  I mapped the walking distance between my house and work in case I decide to walk (2.4 miles, FYI).  In between watching Roswell and getting organized online, I was also text messaging my BFF in Atlanta about her watching the show Bad Girls and how crazy those girls are, about the movie Scream 4, and some other things.  Neve Campbell is playing the mom of a teenager so my friend made me IMDB Neve Campbell to see how much older she was than us.  Ha ha.  Seven years.  Then I looked up a picture of the Roswell actors to attach to this post:)  I am going to apply online for some jobs and then call it a night.


2 Responses to “Media Diary Day 3: Organizing with the Aliens”

  1. You’re not the only one who checks your e-mail while walking (other Media Diarists do it too), but I realized I rarely do that. I do check my e-mail many times a day. Just not usually while walking.

    TV + Wii + Netflix? Oh … instant Netflix?

    • clocke22 said

      Instant Netflix, yes! Its only $9 a month and is like having a movie storie in your living room. I love it. It beats paying a ton for cable, and I no longer get sucked into VH1 reality shows or the Bachelorette.

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