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Media Diary Day 2: Top That!

Posted by clocke22 on September 27, 2010

Today I first checked my email on my mobile phone (after sleeping in). I listened to the radio while cleaning my house and heard that the power was out in Weimer. So I checked my email until I got an email letting me know the power was back on. I went into work at the Brechner Center and turned on my computer. I turned on Itunes to the 80s/90s radio channel, which I keep on all day as backgroud noise. I checked my email, the voicemail, and returned calls. I checked my personal Facebook and then posted some news links to the Brechner Facebook page. Then I talked on my cell phone with a friend. After that I spoke briefly with a search committee chair about a job opening. Then I read a few other media diary posts to see what my classmates were up to. Then I looked at some of my favorite blogs. I looked into a “Couch to 5K” program and found a podcast that has music and verbal cues for when to run/walk. I downloaded one and listened to off and on to see if I liked it.
I listened to a CD on the way home (about 10 minutes). When I got home, I turned on my Netflix/Wii (I don’t have cable). I tend to watch TV series in chunks. I can’t seem to commit to a movie but I will watch four episodes of a one-hour show?!?! After finishing Seasons 1-3 of 30 Rock and Season 1 of LA Ink over the past month or so, I am now on Season 3 of Roswell. I kept that on while I did lots of other things, half paying attention. I paused it for awhile to go for a walk. This was from about 7-11 pm. During that time, I uploaded pictures from my weekend in Atlanta and emailed them to my friend; checked out some more blogs; checked Facebook twice; made dinner; sorted my mail; paid bills online; added dates to my Hotmail calendar; and sorted through the various papers and notes I have collected over the past week. I also spent about an hour or two trying get together a timeline to complete my dissertation. This was frightening. I accessed the qualifying exam policy online through the College’s website and used other websites to put together a tentative timeline so I can graduate next summer. I was tempted to transfer all of my paper calendar events to my Hotmail calendar, which I have just started using, but decided I should get some sleep instead. The video clip I am embedding is one that I was reminded of today and then posted to my Facebook. I still remember the words to this ridiculous song. You can’t help but laugh. 

One of the pictures I uploaded today


2 Responses to “Media Diary Day 2: Top That!”

  1. When you looked at some of your favorite blogs, did you use an RSS reader (which one), or just bookmarks?

    When you downloaded the podcast and listened to it, was that on the computer at work, or on your iPod (or other player)?

    “I listened to a CD on the way home”: A music CD? Or … ?

    “Paid bills online” — YES! No one else has said that yet (I think). But I bet all of you do it.

    Hotmail has a calendar?? Who knew! (I use Google Calendar.)

    I know what you mean about TV series — I was consuming 3 to 4 hours a day of “The Wire” on DVD in fall 2009. Then I did the same with “Lost” prior to the final season last year.

    • clocke22 said

      Well, I only vaguely know what RSS readers are and I am afraid if I used one I would waste even more time than I already do on non-productive things:) So, I use bookmarks or sometimes Google a key word plus the word blog if I want to see what a “real person” thinks about a particular subject.
      I listened to a music CD on the way home…Glee again. I skipped to all of the 80s songs, which goes along with the 80s and 90s ITunes radio I listen to while I am in the office.
      I just started with the Hotmail calendar instead of my print planner. We’ll see if I stick to it…
      Yeah, those TV series are addictive! Next up for me is Arrested Development. I’ve never seen an episode but I think I would like it.

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