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Media Diary Day 1: Corporate Propaganda

Posted by clocke22 on September 26, 2010

I am visiting friends in Atlanta so the first thing I did this morning was to get online to buy tickets to the Georgia Aquarium.  Then I listened to TV in the dining room while I ate breakfast.  During the 30-minute drive downtown, we listened to the radio.

At the Aquarium, there was lots of music, brochures, posters, and audio narration as we went throughthe exhibits.  The sea otters were my favorite entertainment of the day.   Next we went to lunch and there was football on TV but I only glanced at it.

Next we went to the very creepy World of Coca-Cola Museum.  There was an intro video about how Coke makes people happy.  Then we wandered through exhibits with written explanations of the history of Coke and some pop art exhibits.  There was another video, this one a 4D movie about the “secret” of Coke.  The video featured actors talking about how Coke made them happy and bubbly and how their greatest childhood memories involved Coke.  There was also a lesson on the “four Us” of Coke, about how it is available uniformly, universally, one I can’t remember, and the YOU that is of course the most important.  The experience was strange!

While at the museum, I used my cell phone to check my email.

Then I reviewed my readings and wrote and posted my blog post.  I am now going to drive back to Gainesville and listen to the radio for the 5.5 hour drive (with a Glee soundtrack CD thrown in when the channels get sparse!).


2 Responses to “Media Diary Day 1: Corporate Propaganda”

  1. I visited the World of Coca-Cola years ago, and I remember the room where you could sample the flavors they sell in other countries but which are not sold in the U.S. All kinds of crazy Fanta fruit flavors.

    Sadie also likes Glee!

    • clocke22 said

      The tasting room was neat, I was not a fan of the “Beverly” from Italy, which tasted like aspirin, or the menthol flavored soda from Djibouti. That reminds me, I need to put my free glass bottle of Coke in the fridge:)

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