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Let me introduce myself…

Posted by clocke22 on August 27, 2010

Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland

My name is Christina Locke and I am taking New Media and a Democratic Society during the Fall 2010 semester.  I am a Ph.D. student focusing on media law.  I graduated from the joint M.A./J.D. program in 2007 and practiced law in Atlanta.  After I finish in the program this time around, I hope to teach media law and journalism at either a j-school or law school.  I think this class will be a great help in writing my dissertation, which looks at the use of new media in legal reporting.

I am from Okeechobee, Florida, where I worked as a reporter, a job I really loved.  At one point growing up we lived on a few acres and had LOTS of animals, including two donkeys, four pigs, a calf, two Shetland ponies and two horses.  That was lots of fun and one day I’d like to have a mini-farm of my own:)  I love to travel and this past May I went to Iceland.  It was really beautiful and reminded of how they describe places in fairy tales.  Before that, I have mostly traveled to South America.  Margarita Island, Venezuela, is one of my favorites. 

I work at the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information (3208 Weimer, back by the radio stations), so if you ever have any questions about public records or meetings, come see me!


2 Responses to “Let me introduce myself…”

  1. Hi, Christina. How many years did you work as a reporter? Why did you quit and go to grad school? (I’m just curious.) I guess I imagine that if I loved my job as a reporter, I would just continue doing that, instead of returning to the university … However, everybody has their own reasons!

    • clocke22 said

      Hi Dr. McAdams. I worked for a little over a year as a reporter and then when I came to grad school I worked my first year as a copy editor at the Sun. I didn’t want to stay in my hometown any longer and I found myself really interested in FOI issues (I was a big Brechner Report fan before I ever got to work here:) and also knew I wanted to go to grad school, so I went. If I had to do it over again I probably would have stayed “in the field” longer…but I think academia is the best fit for me:)

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